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At Mori, we offer EV imports as a service. Rather than spending your weekends visiting car yards, import your dream EV directly from Tokyo - and save thousands of dollars.

We charge a flat service fee of $850 per vehicle, and manage the entire importing process for you, from sourcing, to bidding, to shipping and compliance.

As specialists in EVs and the Japanese import market, we can advise you throughout your importing journey, help you to make decisions about the right EV for you, and answer any questions that come up along the way.

Whether you’re buying an electric vehicle to save on fuel costs, reduce your carbon footprint, or embrace the future of travel, you can save thousands by importing directly from Japan with Mori.



Has done: 25,200 km
Capacity bars: 12 bars and 88.9% SOH
Driving range: 150km
Country of origin: Japan
Colour: White exterior, cream interior
Price: $16,500