Personal benefits


Personal Benefits


How awesome is driving electric?

Driving electric is very awesome. This page tells you some of the things that are great about driving an electric car for you, rather than for the environment - plus all the benefits that you get when you buy your EV from us, Mori!


Financial benefits

Most people are aware that driving an EV means never having to buy petrol again, and over the years - even just over the week - that’s a huge saving.

If you’re charging your EV from home, the amount you’re paying for electricity is like paying 30c per litre on fuel, which is about 15% of the cost of running a similar-sized petrol car. There are also free charging stations around Auckland, so you can charge up your battery while getting free parking. (To figure out how much money you’ll save, click here for the calculator).


Mori benefits

Here are a bunch of reasons for not only getting an EV, but for getting it from us:

  • Each EV comes with a Yourdrive voucher for the equivalent of 10 days of free car rentals*, so when you’re going for a weekend away and your EV isn’t quite up to the trip, you can use the voucher to rent a petrol car. For those who aren’t in the know, Yourdrive is a New Zealand peer-to-peer car rental company, meaning that you can rent a car from someone in the community.

  • It’s super easy and affordable to trial our EVs, for an hour or a few days. If you aren’t sure how an EV will fit into your life, why not give it a try? Our EVs are available for short-term rental on Yourdrive, and they’re the most affordable EV rentals around. If you prefer to meet with us and have a spin around the block, or just chat for an hour over coffee, you can do that too. To check out the options, click here.   

  • Mori makes a charity donation for each vehicle sold. We love trees, so $100 goes to the Native Forest Restoration Trust for each car bought.

*The Yourdrive vouchers must be used within 18 months of EV purchase. The vouchers cover the equivalent of 10 days of car rentals, on car rentals up to the value of $50 per day.


Emotional benefits

In our personal experience, having an EV is simply a fun, guilt-free way to travel. We love our EV and all others (which is why all EVs that go through us have nicknames), and we think you’ll feel the same.

Plus, it’s so quiet. Like a ninja.