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Reforestation and the protection of forests and wetlands plays an essential role in reducing New Zealand’s carbon footprint, protecting species, and improving our waterways. That’s why we give a $100 donation to the Native Forest Restoration Trust with each EV bought.



Thinking about diving deeper into sustainable technology by giving your home a solar makeover? We’ve partnered with NZ solar panel business Power Technology, so that each Mori EV comes with a $250 voucher for solar installation.


Sharing Economy

We’ve partnered with two New Zealand sharing economy businesses, Yourdrive and Parkable, which share our values of community and innovation. Yourdrive makes it easy for people to try out our EVs for short-term rentals, as well as creating easy extra income for those who want to rent out their petrol car to fund their EV. Mori and Parkable plan to bring EVs to NZ’s big businesses.